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Welcome to ConciergeCare Medicine, where the health and safety of your event attendees are our top priority. Our mission is to provide comprehensive, on-site medical care for any unexpected incident that arises at your special event.

Keeping You Safe, Whatever the Event

At ConciergeCare Medicine, we specialize in providing medical care for a variety of events including:

Social Gatherings and Celebrations  
Corporate Events
Concerts, Festivals, and Sporting Events
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Our Founder

Stephen Hassett


Dr. Stephen Hassett has spent his entire adult life caring for patients.  He has been a board certified emergency medicine physician for over 20 years, provided pre-hospital care as a paramedic and firefighter for 18 years, and is currently the medical director for many community’s ambulance services.  Dr. Hassett earned his medical degree from the University of Vermont College of Medicine and completed residency training at Albany Medical Center, the area’s only Level 1 trauma center.  He founded the region’s first urgent care center, providing much needed urgent medical care for hundreds of thousands of patients and becoming an influential figure in his community’s healthcare. Stephen is married to Pam Hassett, also his longtime business partner. The couple has four children and lives in Upstate, NY. Dr. Hassett’s philosophy has always been to deliver high quality medical care conveniently and promptly.  ConciergeCare Event Medicine is the newest venture for Dr. Hassett to impact the well-being and satisfaction of patients in our community.

Sam Evans

CEO & Founder

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